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About Us

F.O.R.M. (Future Opportunities Reached by Mentorship) Consulting is a free mentoring service provided by scholars at the Pennsylvania State University. We service all aspects of the college application process – from application essays to financial aid, we work with students to help them make the most of their collegiate experience. In the fall, our experienced consultants are matched to high school students with similar interests and experiences. By fostering a mentor-mentee relationship, our organization provides indispensable services often overlooked by guidance counselors, teachers, and parents. We believe that every student has the potential to change the world, so it is our foremost goal to help each of our students Be Their College Best™.


At F.O.R.M. Consulting, it is our mission to empower scholars from underserved communities to pursue an affordable post-secondary education. By providing these services, we wish to create the next generation of community changemakers, academics, and leaders by eliminating educational injustices and fervently pursuing educational equity.